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The ICEBreaker Challenge to take center stage at the Aviation Security Summit 2015

Maybe you’re one of the chosen few who can rattle off the real name of the Fresh Prince, AND all the major airport codes (for example,Orlando is MCO or Washington National is DCA). If so, then you might not be the one stumped by the Intellisoft ICEbreakers game coming to the 2015 AAAE Aviation Security Summit on December 9-10th. 

At the AAAE Aviation Security Summit, 250 Airport executives and security policy makers from across the US will come together to review the complex issues surrounding aviation security and look ahead to decide their plans for the future. At the same time, they will have some fun by getting a chance to test their knowledge with the Intellisoft ICEBreaker game. 

What is ICEBreakers?
ICEBreakers is a Jeopardy-like game that was originally designed to break up the rigorous process of all-day airport security classroom training and coursework. It was created by Intellisoft, a leading identity management solutions firm that is known industry-wide for its Identity and Credentialing Management solutions AirportICE® and ICEWare®. Along with these software solutions, Intellisoft also offers consulting and training of airport security personnel. A few years ago, they were looking for a way to increase test scores and maximize the effectiveness of their training. This quest led to the creation and adoption of what became known as the Intellisoft “ICEBreakers” game.

“There are hundreds of rules and regulations that our airport security staff and personnel have to learn and live by in order to keep our airports and airlines safe.” said David Peeples, Intellisoft’s president and founder. "We found we could be more effective teaching our classes when we wrapped up each course section with a fun trivia game. With ICEBreakers, we were able to drive higher energy, greater class participation and produce better testing results.”

Intellisoft quickly discovered the same success with their sales and marketing efforts by including ICEBreakers in their customer engagement process at industry events.

“Potential customers don’t want to be sold when they travel to events. They want to learn about the latest industry trends and technologies, while forming new relationships with thought leaders,” Peeples said. “The game provides us a way to differentiate our approach and give our customers the industry knowledge they are looking for, while having some fun at the same time.”

Peeples also said they created several categories that step outside of general aviation security with titles like “Back to the 80s” which tests your knowledge of 80’s pop culture and “What’s the score?” which challenges you to match theme songs to their movies. Hint: Can you say John Williams?  

Taking the ICEBreaker Challenge
I got a chance to play the game and was shocked at the amount of thought and design that went into its creation. One moment you’re watching motion graphics for your clue and for the next one you’re listening to audio. Changing it up keeps you on your toes, and if you’re like me, you’ll find the game interesting, fun and quite captivating. It’s as close as you can get to actually participating on a TV game show, so I can see why this is such a big hit at their events and improves their engagement with students and customers.

Did I get stumped?
No, thank goodness! Although they don’t currently track your score, Dave said that I finished with approximately a B- and I can only imagine that he was taking it easy on me. My knowledge of the 80’s was superb: I went 8 for 8. My ability to “Name that tune” was a little less, but I still scored 6 for 8. My aviation knowledge, however, is limited to finding the shortest check-in line and navigating the quickest route to baggage claim when I reach my destination. I could really have used some help on this section, because I only scored a measly 2 out of 8. Don’t worry though; if you’re a part of the aviation security industry and know a little bit about everything, you’ll pass with flying colors (no pun intended). 

If you are going to be at the AAAE Aviation Security Summit 2015, you should drop by the Intellisoft booth, pick a few of your favorite categories and take the Icebreakers challenge. Let’s just say there might be a 50” flat screen sumpin, sumpin in it for you if you do.  

— Russell Compton