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Intellisoft study to lift aviation security best practices

February 16, 2016

GREENVILLE, S.C. –  Leading identity and credential management company, Intellisoft is polling more than 3,500 industry leaders in order to release a study designed to improve aviation security best practices.

The survey includes 23 questions aimed at finding out what is on the minds of industry leaders, said David Peeples, Intellisoft’s president and founder. The results of the survey will be announced later this winter in the “Better Airport Security through Collaboration 2016 Study.”

“We see this study as way to learn more about what is driving the industry as it grows,” he said. “This isn’t about one person’s opinion, it’s about gathering a peer-to-peer evaluation on what is happening at airports across the country.”

People associated with the aviation industry who are interested in taking the survey early, can visit now. Questions range from what are the top security priorities facing the industry to what are considered the top insider threats at airports to what is needed to improve employee training, said Mark Baldy, the former Airport Security Coordinator at  Reagan International Airport and a member of the Intellisoft Advisory Council.

“We came up with this survey to serve the aviation security community,” Baldy said. “This is the kind of information needed to unite around best practices and plan better security across the board. We see the results of this survey as a way to drive our industry forward.”

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