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Intellisoft brings excitement to 2015 AAAE Event

November 20, 2015

GREENVILLE, S.C. – Do you know the real name of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and the airport code for Las Vegas? If so, Intellisoft’s Icebreakers might be for you.

Intellisoft will be hosting Icebreakers, a Jeopardy-style game, at the 2015 AAAE Aviation Security Summit on December 9-10 in Arlington, VA.   The game - created by Intellisoft - is intended to break up the rigorous process of all day airport security classroom training and coursework.

The idea for Icebreakers came as a way to maximize the effectiveness of their training by keeping the class engaged. The game includes airport and other trivia, as well as exciting giveaways.

“There are more than 700 rules and regulations that our airport staff personnel have to learn and live by in order to keep our airports and airlines safe.” said David Peeples, Intellisoft’s president and founder. "We believed we could be more effective when we wrapped up each course section with a trivia game. We were able to drive higher energy and greater class participation which, as a result, led to an increase in final testing results.”

Since the success of the event, Intellisoft has discovered new ways to use the game and has recently implemented it into their marketing and sales efforts at trade shows and industry events.  

“Potential customers don’t want to be sold when they travel to events.  They are there to learn the latest industry knowledge and form new relationships with thought leaders,” Peeples said. “The game provides us a way to differentiate our approach and give our customers some industry knowledge they are looking for and having some fun at the same time.”

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