Intellisoft is an American owned and operated company. We are experts in data security. We design, develop, install and support identity management software, credential management software, personal identity verification software, and access control software for both government and large organizations.

Customer Stories

The Bunker Buster

United States Department of Defense SealAgency Involved: U.S. Department of Defense

Challenge: In 2011, the U.S. Department of Defense needed to improve its legacy system software for the National Capital Region – better known as the great Washington, D.C. area. The project’s scope included everything from The Pentagon to the bunker that the vice president goes in case of a big-time emergency.  “The Pentagon is the largest office building in the world,” said David Peeples, Intellisoft’s founder and president. “We had to create a flexible, but dynamic system to be able to manage all of its  different areas.”

Intellisoft Solution:  Intellisoft used is custom-ready ICEware software to revamp the old magnetic strip system into a system that allows more precise control of access points in DOD facilities. This included introducing biometrics to the system to enhance security as well as creating a database that allows the DOD to immediately add or suspend users based on clearance levels.  ICEware meets all of the identity and credential management system requirements for government agencies and other large organizations in a commercially available, off-the-shelf (COTS) product “Our size allows us to be nimble and fast,” Peeples said. “This project shows that.”


  • Intellisoft updated security at more than 80 DOD facilities
  • Continues to work with the DOD on projects
  • We enrolled 60,000 people with zero failures to enroll at least one biometric.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Agency Involved: Baltimore-Washington International Airport

Challenge: Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI)’s identity management was so outdated that it was no longer even being supported by its original maker.  The challenge to Intellisoft was to replace the old system, transfer all of the data to a new system and along the way, improve everything.

Intellisoft Solution: The first thing Intellisoft did was put in a top-of-the-line Tyco C-Cure 9000 system that allowed the Inellisoft team to put in the AirportICE program.  This program is a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) credentialing management system that is designed for the specific needs of airports. This allowed Intellisoft to collect all of the old BWI data for things such as who has access to what doors while also simultaneously putting in new date. This made all of the data transparent so to speak as the more than 1,000 doors at BWI saw their security systems transferred over. In addition, AirporICE streamlines the data entry process by allowing applicants to pre-register. This allows users to retrieve all data for an applicant without having to enter data.


  • BWI can now do simultaneous FBI and TSA background checks.
  • BWI now has biometric smart card technology.
  • The airport’s various systems now fully interact and handle more than 10,000 transactions each day.