Intellisoft is an American owned and operated company. We are experts in data security. We design, develop, install and support identity management software, credential management software, personal identity verification software, and access control software for both government and large organizations.

Company Overview

Intellisoft understands the unique Identity and Credential Management challenges faced in dynamic environments such as airports, government agencies, and security-conscious Fortune 500 companies.  Every day is unpredictable, and unwavering security is non-negotiable.

Since 2003, Intellisoft has studied the security landscapes in the most volatile of environments and has sought to use that knowledge to provide superior customizable Identity Management Solutions. As a result, ICEWare has become a staple of government agencies and other large organizations who are seeking a superior commercially available, off-the-shelf solution.

Like ICEWare, AirportICE is designed to provide an adaptive Identity Management solution, but is specifically designed to meet the needs of the airport industry.  As TSA guidelines and regulations are implemented and updated, airports need to stay in compliance or face not only monetary fines, but also the very real threats that result from security breaches.  AirportICE fills that need with a malleable but robust framework that can be tailored to the needs of any facility while remaining iron-clad against any unwanted intrusion.

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