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The eMarketing Dept provides a variety of online marketing services for businesses and government agencies of all sizes: custom website design and development, video marketing, e-mail marketing campaigns, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), local search engine optimization (LSEO), online reputation management, pay-per-click management, website content and much more. We will show you how to get the most bang-for-the-buck!
Responsive website designs for desktop, laptop, iPad, or phone.
We can build a website to suit almost any budget
We use the latest technology to create websites for mobile devices
Your website visitors will be able to order products, make appointments, download forms, make online payments and more
Designed to streamline your business
We can design websites to meet the most stringent of guidelines
Websites designed to post community news
Website that allow you to receive rent online
Medical website design
Government agency website design
Stand out from the crowd
Clean website design that is Google friendly
Custom website designs for all industries
We design websites to be an extention of your business
Our website designs keep visitors engaged
Website design for financial experts
Websites for anything from construction to transportation
Websites for companies that save lives
Websites for that special day

I get more inquiries from my website than the phone book, walk ins or my own networking in the community. My website always comes up at the top in a search for my services.

Coulter Roberson
Columbia, SC
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Is your website mobile ready?

Google made numerous changes to its search engine over the past few months. In September, Google announced Hummingbird, the biggest overhaul since 2001. Ninety percent of all search inquires have been affected. You probably haven’t even noticed.

Google updates its algorithm frequently, but earlier updates were fixated on acquiring information. Hummingbird is a big deal.  It’s dedicated to a better user experience… more human friendly… better inquiry results. Those searches made from mobile devices are the motivating force behind this huge makeover. Information is now drawn from the user’s location, Google Plus, and previous searches.

Hummingbird has turned some search engine optimization experts on their heads. Many websites have experienced a major drop in page ranking.  Website designers and SEO firms that make use of black hat methods to trick Google and force their client's sites to top ranking will have to re-learn their trade. On the other hand, eMarketing Dept’s ethical methods based on Google’s Search Engine Optimization Guide continue to rank high. Our clients’ monthly website traffic reports prove it.

So what makes us different?

  • We know that content is king.  A website with content that answers questions is more likely to appear higher in the search engine results pages.  Creating content that is a match for a specific question will outperform content that doesn’t.
  • We think mobile. With 46 percent of searchers using mobile exclusively, creating mobile friendly website designs is essential. eMarketing Dept’s responsive web designs are created for the optimum viewing experience.  They are easy to read and navigate across a variety of electronic devices: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop monitors.
  • We use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to find out what visitors are doing on your site. Are they shopping? Why didn’t they checkout?  We try to understand your website audience so that we can write better-targeted content, strengthen marketing initiatives and create an extremely high conversion website.

Be the first company in your industry to have a mobile ready website.  First-movers always have the advantage. Those who move quickly to give customers and prospective customers what they want are in for dramatic results.

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